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Australian Vision Convention 2015

May 13, 2015
Posted By: Envision Optical

The Latest from the Convention

Last month, I had the pleasure of attending the 2015 Australian Vision Convention at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre. It was a postcard perfect sunny Gold Coast weekend, so fortunately there were some great lectures to compensate for spending the weekend in a windowless room. It was also great to catch up with optometry friends.

The lectures covered many interesting topics including blepharitis (lid inflammation), paediatric eye conditions and vision therapy, OCT analysis (Envision has OCT’s at our Tweed Heads and Treetops practices to help diagnose and monitor glaucoma and macular degeneration), dry eye management (probably the most common eye condition I see in clinical practice), glaucoma and glaucoma technology, myopia (shortsightedness) prevention, ocular oncology, contact lenses, diabetes and macular degeneration. There was even a wearable technology lecture about Google Glass which looks like unusual glasses – I won’t be ordering mine just yet, although some of the apps on them look fun!  Other interesting wearable technology included contact lenses with electronic chips to measure intra-ocular pressures for better glaucoma monitoring and blood sugar levels for better diabetic control. These contact lenses aren’t readily available just yet but may become common in future.

There was also a trade exhibition showcasing the latest trends for frames, new lens technology, new contact lens products and state of the art equipment for examining eyes.  Many of the products on display will make their way to Envision in the coming months. Despite all the high tech displays, my children popped in to visit Sunday afternoon and declared the Guide Dogs stand was by far the best, maybe because of the gorgeous labrador there to help promote their cause? Not even the lollies on offer at some of the stands could compete with a cute lab!

Overall, a fun and educational weekend. I’m already looking forward to AVC 2016.

Nicole Arnold, Optometrist