Specialty Optical Solutions in Tweed Heads & Burleigh Waters

Envision Optical offers a variety of optical solutions for unique visual needs. Listed below are just some of the specialty optical solutions we can offer to enhance your life on the Gold Coast.

Protective Eyewear for Work, Sport and Hobbies

Specialty eyeglasses designed for outdoor adventures and sports can help correct your vision in nearly any scenario. It's rare man with prescription scuba lenses | Gold Coastfor one pair of lenses to fit any situation and activity for busy lifestyles. A standard example might include eyewear specific for working with computers, driving lenses and protective eyewear.

At Envision Optical, we design glasses for computers, reading, hobbies, driving or sports. We protect your eyes from injury with safety features that allow you to see clearly. Some of our hobby-specific eyewear includes:

Dive Masks With Prescription Correction

While many of us are not blessed with perfect 20/20 vision, we do have access to custom-fabricated lenses that aid divers who might be far or nearsighted. Exploring underwater shouldn't be blurry. Your diving should consist of enjoying the magical world beneath the surface. For your protection, we highly recommend a prescription scuba diving mask to allow you to pursue your underwater passion.

Prescription Swimming Goggles

Wearing prescription glasses under your goggles can be foggy and uncomfortable. Prescription swimming goggles from Envision Optical allow water-loving mermaids and mermen to see clearly and enjoy their aqueous adventures.

Barz Prescription Surfing Goggles

When under extreme conditions, you may likely want complete eye protection that is ideal against surf, spray, wind and dust. While Barz prescription surfing goggles are designed for extreme water sports, they also function well for motorcycling, skydiving, mountain biking, snowboarding and any other intense outdoor action.

Snooker Glasses

From hobbyists to professionals, snooker glasses improve vision and comfort, reduce distractions and eliminate the hindrances that standard glasses represent. Often designed with deep lenses and low set bridges, many snooker glasses come with a pantoscopic tilt and rimless design.

Prescription Cycling Glasses

Outdoor-related hobbies require weather and sun specific lenses that adjust to your activity. For example, many prescription cycling glasses come with three interchangeable lenses that provide standard shading with 100 per cent UV protection during a sunny day. They also can help patients see clearly during overcast days, and they can be completely tint-free for night rides. Additionally, lenses can come with a hydrophobic coating to protect against rain and fog and extra rubber for a firm grip.

Prescription Sunglasses for Golf

Golf requires a precise game, and even more precise prescription sunglasses. Durable, lightweight, non-slip, water-resistant, with maximum coverage – these sunglasses are great for an enjoyable round of golf and sports-related activities.

Specialty Glasses to Fit Your Lifestyle Needs

Man Hiking | Tweed Heads Eye DoctorYour eyewear should complement your lifestyle and eye health needs. Everyone has different hobbies, jobs and priorities, so your eyewear should reflect you. 

Low-Vision Aids for the Visually Impaired

Whether you are experiencing age-related macular degeneration or simply have poor vision, low-vision lenses aid patients. Aids can range from magnifying reading glasses, magnifiers that fit in your hand, loupes, stand magnifiers and more. Having low vision shouldn't disqualify you from a full and happy life full of activities and interests. 

Makeup Glasses

If things look blurry without your glasses, precise application of makeup can be a comedy of errors. Makeup glasses provide up to 5x magnification to allow patients to apply makeup confidently and put their best face forward.

Call Us to Request an Appointment for Specialty Eyewear

No matter what you do in your free time, we can recommend the right specialty prescription glasses for you. Contact our Gold Coast Burleigh Waters or Tweed Heads locations to arrange your next vision exam. We look forward to helping you enjoy a rich and full life of fun activities.