Lens Technology at Burleigh Waters & Tweed Heads

We believe our whole reason for our professional existence is vision.

We want our patients to see everything that life lets you experience. We always perform comprehensive eye health exams to preserve your vision, and when your world gets a little blurred, we sharpen it up by recommending the best lens technology to bring things back into focus.

High-Quality Lenses to Fit Your Vision Needseye doctor giving eye exam in burleigh waters

We recommend premium Japanese lens technology from HOYA. They have been producing the highest quality optical lenses since 1941, and bring industry-leading technology to their multifocal freeform lenses, coatings and digital lens design. But because we are proudly independent and locally owned, we can source lenses from any manufacturer on request or if something specific is needed to solve your individual requirements. An individual solution for you is our promise. All of our lenses have two-year guarantees against any defects or problems with coatings, with an automatic replacement of faulty lenses.

We not only recommend the best lens technology available, but we also back it up with qualified staff who have undergone the specialised training required to address your visual needs. All our branches have registered optical dispensers who have tertiary training in optical dispensing and mechanics, ensuring expert advice when selecting lenses. We also use HOYA Trueview lens scanning towers to ensure the most precise measurements of frames and lenses are made to optimise lens performance and customisation.

Furthermore, all Envision Optical staff attend regular training meetings to ensure comprehensive knowledge of the latest technological advances in optical lenses.

We Believe Everyone Deserves Clear Vision

This is why we never stop innovating and developing new ways to serve our patients. We are dedicated to long-lasting vision solutions for tomorrow, our passionate commitment to you is improved vision and clear sight.eye doctor giving exam in tweed heads

At Envision Optical, we optimise our lens technology by tailoring to your vision needs. We focus on vision correction, customised eyeglass lenses with your personalised eye prescription, high-definition vision and colour perception and more.

Prescription eyewear can address vision problems like farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism – yet patients may need an anti-reflective coating, night vision capabilities, photochromic lenses (lenses that are clear indoors and darken automatically in sunlight), or progressive lenses (multifocal eyeglass lenses without traditional lines).

Are You Interested in Learning More?

Opticians at our Tweed Heads or Burleigh Waters eye clinics are specially trained in different types of optical lens and technology. We are here to assist you in finding the ideal lenses for your eyewear.