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Boosting Your Immune System in Times of COVID-19

April 20, 2020
Posted By: Envision Optical
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The COVID-19 pandemic is putting in perspective many aspects of our lives, like work balance, time spent with our family, unnecessary consumerism, and a critical part of our lives: our health.

More than ever, it is essential to stay healthy, eat whole foods, fresh fruits, vegetables and supplement focusing on boosting our immune system.

It is true that given COVID-19 is a new virus, there’s no strong data yet about how effective it is to eat well to combat this virus, but we believe that if our immune system is strong, we can better fight the virus.

Our Immune System stays strong not only by eating healthy but practising other good habits like:


Sleep is essential to the proper function of your immune system. Less than 7 hours of sleep/night is associated with immune system dysfunction, and too much sleep can also have a detrimental effect on immune function.


Health professionals have always recommended at least 8 glasses of fresh drinking water as being a good way to help manage inflammation. When viruses attacked our immune system, one of the first things that occur is inflammation due to our immune system fighting a flu type virus.


At least 30 min of exercise per day, keeps our body moving, strengthens our muscles, protects our bones, make us feel happier, increases our energy levels, keeps our skin and brain healthy and help us sleep better. In difficult times like a pandemic, exercising is crucial for our wellbeing, no matter how you exercise: at home watching free videos on youtube or going for a walk, run or bike ride around your neighbourhood.

Eat Healthy & Supplement

90% of people don’t get the recommended amount of important nutrients from food alone; therefore supplementing is fundamental to stay strong and healthy. According to the Ocular Nutrition Society, the following list of vitamins and nutrients will help your immune system be strong!

Vitamin D3 is essential for your immune system to function properly. Good sources of vitamin D are wild Alaskan Salmon, Albacore Tuna, Pink Salmon and Sardines.

Vitamin C helps reduce the severity and duration of common cold symptoms due to its ability to support a healthy immune function. High dose Vitamin C has been successfully used in China and Italy in helping combat the virus in patients in the hospital. It is an antioxidant and helps reduce free radicals formed in the body. Good sources of vitamin C are oranges, strawberries, broccoli, kiwi, raspberries, blueberries, and cranberries. Ideally, when supplementing with Vitamin C is better to take it throughout the day with food.

Turmeric (Curcumin) it’s a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant; make sure it has also black pepper as a component for your body to absorb it.

Probiotics promote a healthy digestive tract and a healthy immune system. 75-80% of your entire immune system is in your “gut”, and your gut immune system does communicate and “pumps up” your immune response throughout the rest of your body. Good sources of good bacteria (probiotics) are tea, coffee, dark chocolate, honey (buckwheat has the most antioxidants), all berries, grapes, raisins, figs, whole grain fibre and non-fat yogurts.

Polyphenol Rich Foods, such as berries, apples, prunes, grapes, cherries, dates, raisins and green tea; especially if sips hot throughout the day. Polyphenol rich foods are packed with antioxidants.

The Power of the Mind

We cannot control what happens around the world; we can’t change the way everyone acts, but we can control how we react to any situation. It is difficult to be always positive and enthusiastic, having the perfect solution for everything, so be kind to yourself and accept that it’s ok to feel overwhelmed, scared, unsure or frustrated. Allow yourself to rest your mind, remove yourself from situations that hurt you and find peace inside you. The power of the mind is amazing, and there’s always room to adapt, evolve and reconsider your decisions and actions. Remember that practising mindfulness and deep meditation does wonders to your brain health and your capacity of Joy.

The other benefit of a healthy immune system is that it helps promote Eye Health due to reducing inflammation and enhancing normal function.