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I want to correct my vision, but I am afraid of eye surgery. Are there any other options?

January 15, 2014
Posted By: Envision Optical

Yes! This is a question we get asked every day and there is a very good option that has been available for many years and only keeps improving, covering a wider range of prescriptions. It’s called Ortho-keratology or Refractive Therapy. This is a technique using specially designed rigid contact lenses that act as corneal moulds and change the shape of your eye surface overnight while you sleep. The design is tailored to your individual prescription and in the last 5 years the design technology has improved to enable correction of low and high myopia, hyperopia and presbyopia (reading glasses) prescriptions. We can even do multifocal corrections! Most people we tell about this treatment option blink and say “What are you talking about, I’ve never heard of it”. This is because it’s very specialised, requires expensive eye scanning equipment, and investment in diagnostic lens fitting sets and software. 99% of optometrists aren’t interested because of the above. At Envision Optical, we have been performing this treatment for over 10 years, with our senior associate Celia Bloxsom being on the board of the Oceanic Ortho-K Society. The procedure involves careful evaluation of your prescription and eye shape, fitting and design of the appropriate treatment lenses for your eyes, training in all aspects of wearing and caring for your lenses, then several follow up visits to ensure the therapy is working as planned. You simply put the lenses in just before bed, sleep in them, then take them out in the morning and see all day with no glasses or contact lenses in. It is reversible and safe. The risks are the same as normal contact lens wear. There is no cutting, burning or loss of tissue like in surgery. The treatment can be adjusted if your eyes change over time. And for myopia or short-sightedness, Ortho-K is regarded as the number 1 option to control the prescription from increasing and prevent progression to high prescriptions. It is extensively performed world-wide in children and teenagers to control myopia progression. Check out our dedicated mini-website at www.envisionrefractivetherapy.com.au for more information, or book in for a standard eye examination to assess your suitability for the treatment.