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Give the Gift of Vision this Christmas

December 12, 2014
Posted By: Envision Optical

Give the Gift of Vision this Christmas.

Are you stuck for a gift idea this Christmas? Or simply want to give a gift that will make a big difference in someone’s life. At Envision Optical we are passionate about supporting Optometry Giving Sight, and helping to make a difference to people with preventative blindness all around the world.

In El Salvador, there are tens of thousands of school-age children living in extreme poverty in rural areas. Many of these children are living with unnecessary blindness or impaired vision due to a lack of an eye exam or a pair of glasses. This relates to 85% of the population who no access to eye health.

Impaired vision, due to uncorrected refractive error, can mean a life of continued disadvantage. These children of struggle with symptoms like blurred or double vision, headaches and sore eyes. The way they interact with the world including their capacity to learn, social interactions, self esteem and ultimately their quality of life is affected.

One story of how a life can be transformed is that of Luis (pictured above right), who received and eye exam and glasses. He was having difficulty during class maintaining focus and found it hard to read from the chalkboard. “But now that I have glasses I’m doing really well in school?” Luis beamed.

Meeting the visual health needs of El Salvador’s children with early detection and timely treatment of eye problems will give hope to many where there was none before. This Christmas, please help Optometry Giving Sight continue to transform the lives of thousands of impoverished children in El Salvador, like Luis.

Please help them get the best start in life, make your donation today.