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May 23, 2011
Posted By: Envision Optical

One of the things we are passionate about is helping those members of our local and global community who are genuinely disadvantaged and aim to positively impact on their lives through our commitment to clear vision for all.

As a result of this, Envision Optical has three preferred charity groups that it supports. All are sight orientated, and have alternately a local, national and international focus. In each branch there is a collection tin where patients can make donations, where we deposit our fees for spectacle repairs, and where several times a year we have specific fundraising activities to support these groups.


  • Guide Dogs Queensland
  • Optometry Giving Sight
  • B.A.V.I.A Reading (blind and visually impaired association)

We’re committed to making a difference and helping those less fortunate to see and enjoy life. The proceeds of this collection are distributed equally between our three chosen charities.

As part of our support for the Guide Dogs we have sponsored a litter of puppies for each store, which aids in the development and raising of the litter through to adulthood. It costs a phenomenal amount to develop a guide dog to full graduate status, and only a few from each litter will make it through to the end. The impact they have on the visually impaired is incredible though and can truly tranform lives.

Below is a summary of what a couple of our pups have been up to:

Kayla is now six months old and has had so many new experiences in the last three months. She loves travelling on the train which is more enjoyable than the bus. Even though she has overcome her fear of stairs she loves the travelator as it is so much easier and always gets treats for doing well. She can be somewhat wilful and at the moment is challenging her family as to where she should toilet. She likes the back garden at home but they are insisting she should use other pl aces away from home. She has heard talk that the “King’s Speech” is a great film but she slept her way through the entire showing! Life is constantly full of new and interesting things and smells for Kayla and she is finding it hard to concentrate when she has her coat in terms of what she is meant to be doing but can always be bribed with cheese.

Keely is growing into a confident, young adult and is now knowing what is required of her. Her supervisor has asked Keely’s puppy raiser to work on walking her into large shops and taking the time to stop and look around. Some of the new things she has learned recently include knowing what she should and should not be doing, being in the company of other dogs and socialising well with them, and resting and relaxing. Keely’s personality is developing in the sense that she is much more responsive to commands and she is wanting to go out to places. Her favourite past time is to rearranging the garden when her puppy raiser is not around! Her residential walks are getting better but she has had some challenges when she gets into busier areas. Her puppy raiser is working hard to help her behave well on these outings.

If you want to get involved yourself check it out at www.guidedogsqld.com.au