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The Importance of Eye Exams for Children

September 30, 2021
Posted By: Envision Optical

As children grow, their vision changes – and often. From ages six to 18, a child’s vision can change quickly and drastically. Eye exams help uncover vision issues, detect eye diseases early and preserve a child’s vision long-term. 

Any uncorrected vision problems can:

  • Impair child development
  • Interfere with learning and retention
  • Risk permanent vision loss
  • Result in behavioural and attention difficulties 

Routine Eye Exams 

Optometry Australia (OA) recommends early vision exams for children and routine eye exams throughout their childhood and adolescence. A vision screening allows the optometrist to check your child’s eyes for potential health concerns, revealing a possible vision problem.

However, a comprehensive eye exam performed by an optometrist or ophthalmologist is needed to diagnose eye diseases. During routine eye exams, we check all aspects of their eye health, as well as eye-tracking, eye focusing and eye coordination and more. 

Common Signs Your Child Might Need an Eye Exam

If your child does any of the following, they might be struggling with vision impairments:

  • Covers one eye
  • Tilts their head while trying to concentrate
  • Squints their eyes to try to see clearly
  • Holds reading materials close to their face
  • Has a short attention span
  • Struggles retaining written or visual information
  • Complains of headaches and other discomforts

Other reasons we encourage families to arrange eye exams for their children include:

  • If they fail a vision screening
  • If they have an increased risk of vision problems, perhaps due to developmental delay, a medical condition or family history 
  • If any other concerns arise regarding their vision 

We Invite You to Arrange Your Child’s Eye Exam

At Envision Optical, we want to best for your child’s eye health and overall wellness. Andrew Bowden and his team provide compassionate and exceptional care to diagnose, treat and manage vision changes in children and teens. We ensure your child is comfortable and relaxed during their visit, and we make eye exams fun and engaging for kids of all ages. 

If you are ready to arrange your child’s routine eye exam, we invite you to contact our Tweeds Heads or Burleigh Waters clinics. 

We are open. Burleigh practice is following guidelines, only seeing essential and urgent care this week under lockdown rules. With our two practices in different states, we continue to monitor the current situations with COVID-19 in QLD and NSW and the Health Department guidelines. We are updating accordingly with high-standard policies and procedures in place to ensure your and our safety are prioritized and maintained. We care about our community and aim to follow best practice, and appreciate your support when visiting us. For more information please click here or give us a call.