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International Cornea and Contact Lens Congress 2015

June 2, 2015
Posted By: Envision Optical

ICCLC Gold Coast

The 2015 International Cornea and Contact Lens Congress was held on the Gold Coast from May 22-24. Envision Optical were well represented, with Andrew, Celia and Shonit there to learn all the latest in contact lenses and corneal related topics. They have shared with us a little of their experience from the event.

From Celia

“The Contact Lens and Corneal Society of Australia outdid themselves recently with their annual congress held at the QT Hotel, Surfers Paradise. Having just come back from the US in April where I attended “Vision by Design”, a contact lens conference all about the latest developments in Orthokeratology, I had already heard some of the great new developments in contact lenses and dry eye therapy.  However, the quality of the speakers and topics covered at our local Aussie conference were so impressive, it made me question going over to the Texan conference in the first place!

My favourite session of the conference was about dry eye and how we can better treat the ocular surface with some new in-office treatments to stimulate the meibomian (oil) glands or remove demodex (the cause of blepharitis), rather than just different lubricating drops.  I also loved the lectures on keratoconus, with some new scleral lens tips that will make such a difference to me in practice.

In addition, the gala dinner was a ton of fun, being a costume event where delegates came dressed as something starting with “i”.  I chose an “ice-skater”.  But really, I think I just wanted to wear a blonde wig! Overall, a great night and an even better conference.”

From Shonit

“ICCLC provided a wide variety of high calibre speakers, covering contact lenses and corneal related topics. A highlight for me was conversing and sharing ideas with International leaders working within my specialisation; Orthokeratology, which provides clear vision without the need for glasses or day-time contact lenses. I am proud to know that I practice at the forefront of this exciting and fulfilling area of out profession, and provide my patients with the most up to date eye care practices.”

From Andrew

“ICCLC was a fantastic 2 1/12 days of lectures. The best part was walking away with some ideas to bring to work for patients first thing on Monday including latest advice for cleaning contact lenses and contact lens cases, dry eye treatments including using IPL laser for helping dry eye symptoms by treating the eyelids to unblock tear oil glands,  contact lens and surgical treatments for keratoconus, and of course the latest research on orthokeratology and particularly its effectiveness for myopia control. By Sunday night my brain said enough!”