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How do I know what the best eye care solution is for me? (Glasses, Laser, Orthokeratology or contact

October 9, 2013
Posted By: Envision Optical

Easy answer! Come and have your eyes examined at Envision Optical and we’ll tell you! On a more serious note, the “best solution” depends on many factors including your prescription type and level, your age and of course very importantly your lifestyle needs for vision. I have always believed strongly in carefully asking my patients about what they get up to during THEIR normal day because that is what will ultimately influence the “best choice”. In reality most people can certainly have several correction options including clear specs, prescription polarised sunnies and contacts for times when you’re particularly active or just feel like a change. Laser is a great option for the right prescription range and if your eyes have stopped changing, ortho-k is excellent in correcting your prescription overnight and being contact and glasses free all through the day. It is also recognised world-wide as the best option for preventing and controlling childhood myopia from progressing. So in summary get a thorough eye exam and discuss your lifestyle vision needs with your optometrist and the best solution is easy to find.