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How to Prevent Dry Eyes and Practice Safe Digital Screen Use

February 10, 2022
Posted By: Envision Optical
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Computers and mobile phone screens can cause eye strain. Though it’s seemingly impossible to conceive of a life without using digital devices––for school, work or entertainment––there are ways we can protect our eyes from conditions spurred by screen use, such as dry eyes. 

Dry Eyes and Digital Screens 

Screen-related eye strain is common for those who use digital devices, such as mobile phones, computers, tablets and televisions. Eye strain can lead to dry eyes and irritation, throbbing headaches around the eyes and blurred vision. 

Because we can spend many hours staring at screens, our eye health and vision can reap adverse effects. The best way to combat this is by following specific eye care tips and visiting your ophthalmologist for routine eye exams in Tweed Heads and Burleigh Waters. We also offer treatments for dry eyes and other conditions that can develop from digital screen overuse. 

Protecting Your Eyes from Digital Screens 

#1 Adjust Screen Settings

It can be easy to forget to customise your screen to meet your specific needs. Everyone is different, so you can adjust your computer or mobile screen to change contrast, brightness and more. This can make it easier on your eye muscles and reduce dry eyes and strain. 

#2 Keep a Reasonable Distance

We recommend viewing your computer or mobile from 16 to 18 inches away from your face. Holding your mobile too close or sitting too close to your computer screen can put excessive stress on your eyes. 

#3 Set Your Screen to Night Mode

Many computers and mobiles offer a night mode feature to automatically reduce the lighting at night and reduce eye strain. 

#4 Blink, Blink, Blink! 

Many people may wonder how they can forget to blink since we do this without thinking most of the time. However, we can become so focused on what we’re doing on our mobiles and computers that we don’t blink as we usually would. Blinking is essential because it keeps our eyes moist and helps refocus our eyes. 

#5 Use Anti-Reflective Screen Protectors

Computer and mobile screens are glossy, but anti-reflective screen protectors are matte and reduce glare. 

#6 Use Artificial Tears

Artificial tears can help keep your eyes comfortable and lubricated, so they function correctly. You may consider speaking with your ophthalmologist about artificial tears and what type may be best for your unique situation. 

#7 Let Your Eyes Rest 

Many of us can easily spend hours on social media, studying for school or finishing work projects. It’s important to remember to take a break so your eyes can rest. Doing so will help your eye muscles relax, steady tear production and ultimately help you avoid eye discomfort. We recommend taking a screen break every twenty minutes so you can make the most out of your screen time while also protecting your eyes. 

Dry Eyes Treatment on the Gold Coast

Do you struggle with screen use and dry eyes? At Envision Optical, we offer comprehensive eye exams so you can protect your vision and eye health for many years to come. At our Tweed Heads and Burleigh Waters eye clinics, we can help you find the best way to prevent and control dry eyes and eye strain from screen use.