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Soltes Wide: A Lens for Extended Depth of Vision

September 30, 2014
Posted By: Envision Optical

A Sharper & Wider Lens for Smooth Access to Near Vision

The global population is ageing and is due to accelerate in the coming decades. Did you know by 2050, of all the people living in Australia 50% will be over 45 years old?

As we talked about in our digital lifestyle post last week, there has been a substantial increase in the usage of computers and digital devices. This has changed the behaviour of vision. Excellent quality near and intermediate vision is needed as more than half the waking hours of the modern presbyopic generation is spent on digital devices.

What Does the Soltes Wide Lens Do?

Soltes Wide by Nikon has been designed for extended near range visual demands. It offers a superior optical quality for near and intermediate tasks such as digital device viewing for today’s presbyopic population.

Improves Peripheral Vision

  • Great for wide spread newspapers or large computer screens
  • Enables wider and clear view for close up material

Increases Precision

  • By optimisating the entire surface of the lens, the Soltes Wide lens has increased precision.
  • Designed by Nikon Optical Design Engine (NODE), a state of the art process which analyses point by point to calculate the precise power. These calculations are all done in Japan.
  • Sharpens image resolution
  • Reduces peripheral distortion

Consistent Performance with any Power Lens

  • All powers are the same thanks to NODE. In the past, the optical performance varied according to the lens power. This is no longer the case thanks to NODE.
  • Extended depth of vision
  • Wide and sharp vision at any point within desk distance
  • See close up documents to keyboard and screens seamlessly
  • Greater comfort at your computer, reducing back and neck strain by eliminating need to learn forward as you can see on a more comfortable angle with Soltes Wide

Is the Soltes Wide Lens Suited to Me?

  • Are you often working with close-up materials at a desk?
  • Are you at a computer for long hours?
  • Are you using a large computer screen?
  • Are you a progressive lens wearer seeking a second pair?
  • Are you experiencing eye fatigue from desk work?
  • Are you looking to upgrade from single vision reading glasses?

If you answered yes to any of these, the Soltes Wide lens could be the lens for you.  Our Optometrists and Optical Dispensers here on the Gold Coast have gone through extensive training with Nikon to ensure they are matching the needs of each individual person to give them the best possible vision. To learn more about the Nikon lenses and the e-Life series, make an appointment at one of our four locations across the Gold Coast.

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