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World Sight Day Challenge Winners!

November 4, 2014
Posted By: Envision Optical

Designer Sunglasses and Big Jars of Lollies

What an exciting time it was for October and our participation in the yearly World Sight Day Challenge. For the month of October we had a combination of raffles for designer sunglasses and a lolly guessing competition at each practice.

Congratulations to Trudi Henson, Monique McKenna, Sheba Ghaznavi and Bree Newton-Comerford who each guessed the closest to the amount of lollies in the lolly jars at each practice. Also, a big congratulations to the winners of the raffles, Mr P Davidson, Max Ryan and Kay Dawson, each person winning a pair of designer sunglasses. Envision Optical donated $995 in designer sunglasses, which through our raffles, were able to help contribute to the money raised.

A Better Quality of Life Through Improved Vision

Envision Optical raised over $800 for the challenge. With $5 being enough to provide an eye exam and glasses for those in underserved communities, which equates to 160 people having the opportunity to have improved vision and a better quality of life.