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Is conjunctivitis contagious?

At Envision Optical, we treat an array of eye conditions, including conjunctivitis, which can be viral, bacterial, or allergy based. It can also affect patients of all ages.

If bacteria cause your conjunctivitis, Andrew or one of his associates will likely prescribe an antibiotic eye drop to treat the condition. If it is viral, we may recommend tips to keep you comfortable until the virus passes. For allergic conjunctivitis, the best course is to eliminate the source of the allergy if possible.

As far as conjunctivitis being contagious, the viral and bacterial form can be spread from person to person, which is why it is important to wash your hands after applying antibiotic drops to your eyes. If your eye infection is viral, it may be accompanied by a cold or flu. We recommend taking precautions to prevent the spread.

For Conjunctivitis Treatment in Burleigh Waters or Tweed Heads, We Are Here for You

If you notice red, irritated eyes, eye discharge, crusty eyelids or sensitivity to light, we recommend contacting a member of our eye team today. We can arrange an examination with your Burleigh Waters or Tweed Heads eye doctor as soon as possible to restore your eye health and comfort.