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Is everyone suitable for orthokeratology (ortho-k)?

The ortho-k procedure is not suitable for all patients. Ortho-k is best suited for people with healthy eyes and mild to moderate myopia, meaning a patient has a lens power less than -4.50 dioptres and astigmatism less than -2.00 dioptres. People of all ages can have ortho-k, whether they are children, teenagers, adults or mature adults. 

Your eye doctor can reduce prescriptions above these measurements, but total correction is not typically possible. Because each patient has a unique anatomy, physiology, and health needs, it’s imperative that a patient speaks with a doctor to know if ortho-k is right for them. 

The corneal shape’s complexity and response to the cornea itself are also factors to consider because the speed of corneal moulding from one patient to the next varies. Ortho-k success rates are very high, but this treatment cannot guarantee total success due to multiple considerations. 

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Ortho-k is a procedure that can improve a person’s comfort and vision through custom-made lenses. Depending on your unique needs and specific goals, your eye doctor can speak with you about possible treatment options at our vision clinic. 

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